A short haiku like poem on Marriage. Reason for writing, I’ll let you guess 😉


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With me traveling to my native town, it is hot as hell here. So, I attempted a Haiku on the arid summer days that are prevalent here.

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Mr. Bones

I wrote this after reading about Mr.Bones in One Peice (a japanese manga). He wanders as a pile of bones (actually a chauvenistic skeleton) after being the lone survivor of a mishap. I still have to finish reading till the end of the current arc to see where it ends but penned this down after reading about his story.

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Ballads of Fallen Angels

First is not a Ballad, the use of ‘Ballad’ in the title is just a misappropriation. There is more to be said on this but, I’d rather let you decipher what you want.

Submitted for the prompt: Aura

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What would you remember reflecting back on your life after a failure?

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An attempt at haiku about the busy lives we lead.

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Ever had the feeling that you did not want to wake up from your dreams but, the mind keeps forcing you too open your eyes and get moving?

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Break Up

A poem about broken relationships

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Origins of the Indian Caste System: Part – 1

I’m not going to talk about the vices of the caste system nor the oppression that arose from it. I will only be exploring the origins of the caste system. I may probably blog later about the impact of the caste system. I have used Hindu and Indian interchangeably throughout the post because, I haven’t had the time to explore the stratification of society in other religions (it does exist, from whatever little I have read) and most of the philosophical thought in modern India is still influenced by the Hindu philosophy. You are welcome to correct me, if I have taken too much liberty in quoting something not trustworthy or if I have erroneously made assumptions.

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Life on the otherside

You look to your left and then to your right
And quickly jog across
Life on the other side, suddenly seems right!

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Monkeys On Crack

It was at first, interesting then it became irritating and finally they became irrational like Monkeys on crack. My cerebrum was agitated, as it could not find a fitting category for these new primates.

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The Sage Song

What is life? A take from the philosophical perspective.

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Neon Signs

A poem about a night spent in a motel…written in 2008 January. Sometimes when the mind is agitated, you tend to observe things with a little disdain. It does have a secretive tone..trying hard to never reveal what I was thinking when I wrote it..its hard to keep secrets!!!

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Smoking ban! Oh Really????

Here is a word for the media, “Stop!” and more-over, it is not a ban in the true sense of the word. Imagine this, you can’t smoke in office buildings, public places like theaters, bars and shopping complexes but; you can smoke in public parks and on the road. There is something wrong here and doesn’t this bother people?

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The moribund reality…

When, out of uttermost hopelessness — a miracle beyond the power of belief — will the light of hope dawn? A lonely man folds his hands and speaks: “God be merciful to thy poor soul, my friend, my Motherland!”

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Religious vocabulary

Something, is definitely fucked up! when you talk about religion and terrorism in the same sentence. So, let’s get somethings right shall we? Let us not add more fuel to the already burning pyre of Indian diversity and religious tolerance.

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The spotlight thing…

I deleted my old blog for a certain reason. And this post was one of the reasons. Then why revive a post such as this? I really don’t know but, maybe because I want to test if I really buried the hatchet or still carry the burden. And oh! yes, I am an attention whore.

After all, when there is no one to turn to; all you want is for your reality to be a dream.

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