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Break Up

A poem about broken relationships


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Origins of the Indian Caste System: Part – 1

I’m not going to talk about the vices of the caste system nor the oppression that arose from it. I will only be exploring the origins of the caste system. I may probably blog later about the impact of the caste system. I have used Hindu and Indian interchangeably throughout the post because, I haven’t had the time to explore the stratification of society in other religions (it does exist, from whatever little I have read) and most of the philosophical thought in modern India is still influenced by the Hindu philosophy. You are welcome to correct me, if I have taken too much liberty in quoting something not trustworthy or if I have erroneously made assumptions.

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Life on the otherside

You look to your left and then to your right
And quickly jog across
Life on the other side, suddenly seems right!

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Monkeys On Crack

It was at first, interesting then it became irritating and finally they became irrational like Monkeys on crack. My cerebrum was agitated, as it could not find a fitting category for these new primates.

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