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With me traveling to my native town, it is hot as hell here. So, I attempted a Haiku on the arid summer days that are prevalent here.


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Mr. Bones

I wrote this after reading about Mr.Bones in One Peice (a japanese manga). He wanders as a pile of bones (actually a chauvenistic skeleton) after being the lone survivor of a mishap. I still have to finish reading till the end of the current arc to see where it ends but penned this down after reading about his story.

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Ballads of Fallen Angels

First is not a Ballad, the use of ‘Ballad’ in the title is just a misappropriation. There is more to be said on this but, I’d rather let you decipher what you want.

Submitted for the prompt: Aura

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What would you remember reflecting back on your life after a failure?

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An attempt at haiku about the busy lives we lead.

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Ever had the feeling that you did not want to wake up from your dreams but, the mind keeps forcing you too open your eyes and get moving?

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