Writing an About me page is the hardest thing one can do. I mean, what would you like to know about me? OK, OK, enough bickering  I’ll behave.

By profession, I’m a SQL Server Database Administrator. I even had a couple of posts to prove it 🙂 Now they are gone. Technical stuff just did not fit here.

So, what do I blog about? I don’t have a cause to blog about.  I do not support any group (minority or otherwise). I blog on topics I feel strongly about at the same time, I can go on for months without posting anything. Even my poetry flows that way.  Some days, it is an unstoppable torrent and on others a dry parched landscape.

My mind is always oscillating between phases of overtures and finales with no in-between because; I’m always at the flux of two different worlds.  Some call it an interesting experience, I call it an identity crisis in the making.

Candid Conversations is about me, my passions and sometimes even my prejudices.

You can reach me at: hemanthDOTdATgmailDOTcom


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