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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas


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Ganapati Bappa Morya!!….

Sep24, 2007 the day before Ananta Chaturdashi (or nimajjan day). We were sitting in a jam packed cafeteria 7 floors above ground level and 15 minutes ago, I was in 2nd floor of my office typing away commands to backup databases when I heard a huge roar and the chants:”Moryaaa Re Bappa Moryaaa Re!!!Ganpati Bappa Moryaaaa!!!MangalMoorti Moryaaa!!!Ganapati bappa morya”

Now, in a typical office building where you have thick glass windows and an A/C system. For a voice to carry down 5 floors, it had to be huge. Indeed it was, it was the collective chant of close to 400 people standing shoulder to shoulder on the roof and watching on a 103 inch screen the final of the T-20 world cup. After we reached the terrace, one more wicket fell and almost everyone in the cafeteria started chanting “Ganapati Bappaaaaa Moryaaaaa, MangalMoorti Moryaaa”. But, the best part was yet to come.

The last over, I think the first ball went for a four and immediately while Joginder was at the top of his run up to deliver the next ball; the chanting started again. This time, the few who were hesitant to join in earlier because of whatever reason joined the chanting…the hairs on my hand stood up and it felt like the whole cafeteria was in a trance chanting the name of Ganesha, the god of the common man.

Later on we won the game and all went away but, I sat there wondering what in heaven’s name happened for those 5minutes during the last over when time looked like it was grinding to a halt and the chantes grew louder, faster and more rythmic. Then It hit me, Ganapati is a god that every common man in India likes. The reason for that is because his story, is one filled with a lot of obstacles and the belief is that since he has faced so many hardships himself; he is in a better position to understand our hardships and help us overcome the googly’s life throws at us.

Last year was interesting. Let’s see what this year; the rat riding, elephant headed, lovable god of the small folk brings to the party on his birthday :)…..

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