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Will be away for a while!!!

Hi folks, just wanted to get in a quick post before I completely go AWOL. I will be back probably next week or on the 17th. These 18days are going to eventful..we have a lot of things planned with the family and all :), take care and see you folks on the 17th.


October 30, 2008 at 16:47 4 comments

The disappearing act!

In my usual style, I have gone completely underground for the past two weeks. I usually do this when I am taking a vacation. But, this time the reasons where a little different (although; vacation was also involved). 

Oct 5 – Oct 10
 The whole week was a mess, hectic and mind numbing. From Monday to Friday, I was busy supporting my current project 24/7 while, transitioning the work to a new vendor (I was supposed to join a new project from Oct-13; because of a screw up). On Friday, I came to know that my current PM screwed up big time and landed me in a gigantic fix. I have been working 24/7 for about a month and he promised me a vacation for 15 days. But, he told my HR that I was available to get scheduled to a new project from 12-Oct. I gave him a big piece of my mind and began negotiations with the NEW PM to get Monday and Tuesday off. I got Monday *whatever, the fuck!*. 

So, the weekend 11,12 and 13 where going to be my vacation days after toiling for 30days working almost 24/7. 

Oct 10 – Oct 13
Vacation time!!! No connectivity 🙂 

I was travelling to Hyderabad and I have found the reason why I am so scared of travelling. 

There was a female in the bus, who got a cute labrador puppy and since; the buses here don’t allow pets she got into an argument with the driver. After, 15minutes the driver gave up and asked her to sit in the last seat of the volvo bus and not let the puppy bark or make weird noices. Well, I am not sure if she had any control on what the pup would do.

The bus, stopped one and a half hour into the journey near a roadside dhaba to facilitate the drivers late dinner and some of the passengers also wanted to get out and stretch their limbs. There was a small girl, who was sitting outside the dhaba along with an old man who was asking for alms. I was silently watching her from the corner of my eye as I lit a cigarette. After getting some beedi in the cigarette shop next to the dhaba, she started asking for alms. 

The lady with the pup, just shooed her away;and went inside to get some warm milk for the pup. Not many bothered to tell her that they did not have any change because they were gobbling down dosas. I was rather upset so, called the small girl and gave a 5 coin. I was half-hoping she would hide it somewhere and get herself some candy or atleast keep it with her. But, she just went straight to the old man and gave him the coin along with the beedis. I hit myself real hard on the head. 
I was, sitting in the bus thinking about this for a couple of hours and then it hit me; the reason, why I hate travelling so much: “Our lives are like sandboxes, secured from outside influences. We are lucky in many ways and when we see or experience something like the above it disturbs our reality making us feel very uncomfortable. And, India has so many such experiences to offer.” I am not being anything here, it was the only explanation that let me sleep that night.

The experience from the previous night was tucked away in a corner of my brain, as my attention was drawn to delicious hyderabadi biryani next afternoon, night and on sunday as well.

Reached Bangalore, afternoon of 13th and was running here and there to get some paperwork out of my way.

Oct 14 – Oct 17
Back to homebase, starting off a new project. Need to get knowledge and settle into the groove. Had, to read a bunch of documentation about the new project. Understanding the team hierarchy. Probing people, to get a feel of ground zero and the work environment. Another chess game! begins 🙂

October 16, 2008 at 17:40 5 comments

World Peace day awards…

Indian home maker, gave me an award for the post Religious Vocabulary; today being World Peace Day, the award is called Blogging Friends Forever.

I am honoured to recieve this award and even more so because of what she said on her blog:

“Since we are going through Times Of Intolerance, I would like to take the liberty to give it to those who have written strong and effective posts on this issue. What better way to end intolerance than becoming friends? So, I would like give the Blogging Friends Forever award to bloggers who have spoken for PEACE.”

Thank you, for the award.

Ps: Please read the posts that IndianHomeMaker has listed on her blog. After reading them, give the posts about 5 minutes thought. You will realise that we have a lot to learn from each other and that we need to at least try and give peace a chance.

September 21, 2008 at 15:06 4 comments

A bit about the past and the future..

“Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.” ~Denis Waitley

Taking the above quote as inspiration, I deleted my old blog. I don’t think that space will ever be available for another. The downward spiral that my life was during those days gave birth to a blog that was wallowing in self-pity. Everytime I looked at that blog page, it reminded me of the days gone by and would bring me to a point where my head was abuzz with a thousand thoughts of what went wrong, what could have been and what should have been.

I have since moved on and life has been much better, although a little busy. Hence, I wanted to create a new blog. There were couple of requirements that I wanted to set down for this new blog:
1. The blog had to be wholesome and not have only posts based on one emotion.
2. The blog had to have regular updates. Even it is a paragraph, it has to have new posts at regular intervals.

To achieve the requirements, I have to add more people to contribute on here. How do I do that? I don’t know but, I will figure it out somehow. Maybe…add a few authors. Ok, that was me procrastinating and avoiding the responsibility of posting something useful by myself :)…ok, ok…I am going to post more often (one of the main reasons why my other blogs died was because, I wasn’t as regular as I wanted to be).

Finally, there is someone who has to be thanked. Pinku, who is a good friend (patient, more so than others) has got rid of all the complacency in me with just one comment. Thanks a ton! yaar!! I definetly owe you one for this one.

Note: For those of you who are wondering why? Because, I love writing.

Alright!!! Let’s get this thing rolling.


September 1, 2008 at 19:24 2 comments

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